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Our Beginner Course is back! This time at our brand new premises in Kordin l/o PaolA

Structured curriculum of Fundamental BJJ techniques.
Learn how to take someone to the ground, how to control & submit someone with devastating armlocks and powerful chokes and also how to escape from inferior positions!
All sessions taught by certified & experienced coaches.
Course is specifically designed for beginners, so you will be learning along with others who are still new to BJJ.

 No Equipment Needed!
No Martial Arts Uniform Needed! Wear comfortable clothing WITHOUT any zips/buttons/hard/sharp objects.
No Previous Experience Needed!

Course consists of 8 x 1hr sessions every Monday & Friday at 6:00pm.
Venue: BJJTM Kordin l/o Paola
Course Price: €55
Min age: 14 years (if under 18yrs Parent/Guardian consent is required).

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